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    Fraud and Financial Crime
    specialized Lawyers

    Economic Crimes

    ❝……economic criminal law covers the whole set of crimes related to economic activity and directed against the state norms that organize and protect economic life.❞  Tiedemann, (1985, p.20).

    Areas of practice – Economic Criminal Law

    White Collar Crime Lawyers

    We offer legal advice and assistance in economic criminal matters to individuals and legal entities

    Patrimonial and Corporate-economic Crimes

    Our extensive training and experience allow us to defend or represent you as an accused or injured party in criminal proceedings where the commission of any of the following criminal offenses is investigated:

    • Embezzlement and abuse of trust
    • Fraudulent conveyance
    • Crimes related to intellectual property
    • Theft of trade secrets
    • Corporate crimes
    • Money laundering
    • Tax fraud
    • Fraud
    • Criminal misappropriation
    • Others

    We act in each and every one of the phases of the criminal procedure before the Spanish Courts with jurisdiction in criminal matters and, therefore, we carry out the activities of the criminal litigation:

    • Intervention in all types of criminal investigation proceedings:

    ✔︎  Expert reports: We count with an extensive network of collaborators – accounting and computer experts, forensic Pathologists and forensic psychologists, private investigators, etc. to prepare expert reports.

    ✔︎  Assistance during the testimony of witnesses in the investigation phase.

    • Legal assistance in police stations during arrest and interrogation.
    • Legal assistance in judicial premises.
    • Assistance to the victim or injured party(ies)
    • Intervention during the criminal trial.
    • File of appellate procedures and cassation appeals.
    • Others

    White Collar Crime Defense Lawyers

    Corporate Criminal Law, with international experience.