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Jesús Becerra

Abogado y Doctor en Derecho

Provença 278, 1º bis - 1ª
08008, Barcelona

+34 931 845 980
+34 689 399 034
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Jesús Becerra

Doctor of Laws

• Master of Specialization in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences (mention "excellent"), taught jointly by the University of Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra University.

• Doctor of Laws from Pompeu Fabra University (outstanding qualification cum laude unanimously).

• University Professor in the Degrees of Law and Criminology and in the Master in Economic Criminal Law taught by the Pompeu Fabra University.

• Member of the research group in corporate criminal law in the area of criminal law of the Pompeu-Fabra University.

• Lines of investigation: (1) Dogmatic of Criminal Law applied to the crime of fraud with special incidence in the aggravated subtype of procedural fraud. (2) Legal-criminal consequences of self-help.

• Author of monographies and articles on economic and patrimonial criminal law. For example, «The historical-dogmatic evolution of the procedural scam in Spain and Germany», InDret (2), 2018.

Assistance and legal-technical advice in three languages (Spanish, English and German).

  • Jesús Becerra is a criminal defense lawyer who has international training and practical experience. Of a serene nature, he deals with all matters with the utmost seriousness. He does not miss the details. He is reliable.
    Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. múlt. Jesús María Silva Sánchez
    Professor of Criminal Law at Pompeu Fabra University
  • Jesús Becerra is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. Highly specialized, he has had the virtue of integrating his undeniable academic qualifications into the daily practice of the legal profession.
    Prof. Dr. Joan Picoó i Junoy
    Professor of Procedural Law at Pompeu Fabra University
  • I value Dr. Jesús Becerra. He is a diligent, prudent and reliable professional whose interventions in favour of the interests of his clients are very effective. His ability to focus on a legal-criminal problem and solve it combines with his high academic qualifications.
    Business lawyer in the civil aviation sector
  • My experience with Mr. Jesús Becerra was very good. I worked with him in an international case and it was an excellent cooperation. Mr. Becerra is a lawyer with expertise and experience.
    Mr. Justus Reisinger (DUTCH LAWYER -ADVOCAAT)
    Specialist in Criminal Law
  • His commitment to clients and his great professionalism make him one of the best lawyers with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate. A great lawyer in criminal law who combines a broad academic background with his experience.
    Emma Vandrell Barrera (LAWYER)
    Specialist in international tax law
  • One of the most important qualities of a legal professional is his love for Justice. A feeling that leads immediately to seriousness for the respect of the Law and the interests of his clients. This is seen in the good management of the concepts of law and the unwavering will to always be up to date in their practice.
    Orlando Viera-Blanco (VENEZUELAN LAWYER)
    Intellectual property specialist, political consultant

International Profile

Member of the following associations:

  • World Jurist Association
  • European Criminal Bar Association
  • Spaniard-German Association of Jurists
  • Venezuelan Criminal Forum

What We Offer

The continuous expansion of criminal law towards the business world is an undeniable reality in the Spanish, European and international legal field. This implies a change of paradigm regarding the conception of the activity of the criminal lawyer and consequently demands a high technical qualification to adequately deal with issues of the so-called economic criminal law, characterized by a special complexity. We obtain optimal results quickly creating a close, honest and transparent relationship with our clients, offering at all times:

Highly specialized technical approach

The daily practice of the legal profession is complemented by an academic approach in constant updating that allows a comprehensive vision of the legal-criminal problem and the elaboration of effective strategies.

International trajectory and training

Counselling and legal assistance in three languages. We have an important network of collaborators and contacts both in Europe and in Latin America.

Personalization of the service

Direct, personalized and immediate attention. We serve you without any intermediaries.
Total rigor and involvement.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Specialization in Corporate Criminal Law, with international experience.