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    Extradition, European Arrest Warrants specialised Lawyers

    “the handover that one State makes to another of an individual, criminally accused of a crime or the execution of the sentence, carried out in accordance with pre-existing norms of internal or international validity”.

    Jiménez de Asúa (1956)

    Areas of activity – Transnational Criminal Law

    We have a wide network of collaborators specialized in criminal law throughout different countries of Latin America, Europe and the United States

    In the context of international legal cooperation, extradition refers to the procedure by which a state requests another state to arrest and subsequently surrender a person to whom the commission of one or several crimes is attributed.

    The reason for the request may include subjecting the detainee to criminal proceedings in the territory of the requesting State or the imposition of a criminal sanction in it.

    Within the European Union, the extradition procedure has been replaced by the procedure regarding the European Arrest Warrant. When a certain criminal matter processed by the Spanish Courts has significance in other EU states, there is an entire network of rules and procedures that allow judicial cooperation between the different states of the Union.

    In the framework of any of these two special procedures and in compliance with the rights guaranteed by our legislation, our legal assistance will basically consist of the representation of the person subject to this special criminal procedure, alleging in his favour all that is necessary for the best defence of their rights and interests.

    In relation to matters of international significance, collaboration and coordination between defense attorneys from the countries involved in the procedure is decisive. In this sense, we have a wide network of collaborators specialized in criminal law throughout different countries of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, among others), Europe (Germany, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, among others) and the United States; in order to coordinate in the best possible way the criminal defence in the jurisdiction of the country that is also involved in the process.

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